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Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Jeff Lynch

I agree with your comment that Pat Robertson DOES matter to a lot of people. However, I would venture to say that the people that he is able to influence are weak minded people that are LOOKING for someone to tell them how to think, what to say, how to pray and where to send their check. These are the same people that will change their mind as soon as the next lunatic with a better batch of good old fashioned cloaked hate comes along to appeal to their inner nazi. These are the people that run to the store and buy up all of the bread and milk if the weather man says snow. The most dangerous thing about weak people IS their weakness .


One Caveat - those are some startling numbers. I haven't read Digby yet this morning, but that's an argument to turn my head. And it makes me tempted to write Disney and the "Family Channel."

The only caveat I would make to your caveat is that I see Pat Robertson as just another celebrity with a talk show. I think that treating his statements as a policy statement inflates his head and encourages him. Cindy Sheehan falls in the category of "ordinary person" (although she is moving into the celeb realm). Therefore, her arguments gain merit because she is an ordinary person who has managed to make her voice heard. Pat Robertson has it easy as he rules his show.

Your caveats always get me thinkin'!

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