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Monday, August 22, 2005



Here's the link to NOW's 1980 resolution regarding the draft:


Actually, if you dig around on NOW's website, you'll see that NOW (a) opposes the draft in general but (b) also opposes a gender-biased draft. IOW, if there's going to be a draft, NOW objects to women being exempted from it.

Josef K

"all 18-25 year old males are in constant danger of being drafted and sent to war."

I wouldn't say that was really the case; the US abolished the draft in 1973. Where I live, in Great Britain, we haven't had conscription since the Second World War.

But my point is that being a feminist doesn't necessarily mean battling blindly for equality in every institution. No, the majority of feminists aren't clamouring for women to be drafted as easily as men, any more than they're clamouring for women to commit more violent crimes so that we can be better represented on Death Row.

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