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Monday, August 22, 2005


Josef K

"Do you see many women protesting that females should have to sign up for the draft?"

No, but there are an awful lot of women protesting against pointless and illegal wars. I'm surprised you haven't noticed that a lot of feminists are pacifists too; most feminist-bashers wouldn't miss an opportunity to lump the two groups together, especially if you can bring Greenham Common into it.


Oops, my first line is a quote from the post, obviously. Italics didn't work for some reason.

And nolo is right; the vast, vast majority of feminists I've ever interacted with support eqaulity in selective service registration requirements and draft eligibility over the status quo. And if they prioritize other bad stuff that actually harms them over this in their political activism, can we really blame them?


I challenge anyone to find a college that is not primarily based on math that does not have a female majority.

This is either evidence of an emerging patriarchal order, or it could have something to do with the fact that the careers generally available to men without a college education are higher paying than those available to women. Take a look at some labor statistics and thing about which is more likely.

Another thing--if your prediction is correct, wouldn't that vindicate the tactics of the feminist movement you criticize--or will you actually try to construct an argument that male dominance in society collapsed in spite of feminism?


Leaving aside the fact that the majority of feminists don't think anybody should be drafted, regardless of their gender, you'll find plenty of women protesting the fact that women who join the U.S. military are restricted from combat positions. For your edification, here's a link to NOW's position on women in the military:

Hope this helps.

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